Are sagging skin and excess fat in the facial and neck areas affecting your face’s natural shape? Then Viora ReLift Treatments are for you! Look Your Best! Viora ReLift Treatments let you discover the solution for concerns of firmness, loose, and saggy skin as a result of age.

As your body ages, your skin loosens in areas that can become really unflattering – bags under the eyes, sagging skin around your jawline, and lumpy or flabby areas on your neck.

Everyone deserves to look his or her best! Why let age draw you down and make you look tired and old?

Don’t waste money on expensive surgeries, or time in recovery from an invasive, surgical facelift or neck lift. ‘Turn back time’ when you turn to ReLift, a special contouring and skin tightening treatment powered by Reaction™ by Viora.

ReLift is a non-invasive, non-surgical facelift and neck lift treatment solution for the effects of gravity, aging, and genetics. It tightens sagging skin by restoring collagen flexibility and targeting localized fat.

There are several benefits to the ReLift and Reaction™ technology: treatments are painless, non-invasive, don’t require downtime, and are noticeably effective after only a handful of treatment sessions.

According to Viora, the brand behind the technology, “Reaction™, the leading RF contouring and skin tightening device is behind the transformational reshaping abilities achieved with ReLift … [It’s] a localized fat-reducing solution while also providing skin tightening capabilities.”

The Reaction™ CORE™ technology uses three frequency modes to heat your tissue layers, building the collagen fibers that strengthen the dermis, shrink fat cell volume, and enhance blood circulation. A fourth frequency mode channels the three modes into one pulse. During each treatment, your skin’s collagen and elastin fibers are heated gently to make the fibers shrink and restore elasticity. Your skin will look tighter and smoother with each treatment!

“ReLift … is the ultimate solution to treating both local fat and sagging skin in the facial and neck areas. ReLift is a non-invasive technique that painlessly and effectively targets the cheeks, jowls and neck lines of patients who want to restore or remodel their lower face, without the expense, pain or risk of surgical procedures,” according to Viora.

When you get your ReLift treatments at ART mediSpa, you’ll see dramatic results in the reduction of sagging and redundant skin. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to determine how ReLift and Reaction™ by Viora may be the perfect solution for the effects of gravity and age on your skin.


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